Monday, February 28, 2011

Olorotitan WIP

Got to work on this a little more after work tonight. I've added more muscle definition and have started sculpting in the main wrinkles. With wrinkles, you always want to punch them a little more than you think you should because when you start adding details like scales it will wipe it out.

I need to work more of the crest and face and get to some other things before I start the other details, but he is getting there;)


axiomalchemy said...

Your progress is coming along quite well. Are you going to place the model in any particular pose when you are completed? I realize that we can only infer so much from fossilized evidence, but have you ever just included something in your art just because you thought it looked right? I'm thinking like dewlaps,combs,or throat wattles?
A rooster comb would not fossilize so what manner of adornments could Hadrosaurs have had?

Anonymous said...

cant wait to see it finished

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thanks! Yeah the model will be posed at the end. I still have aways to go. I would like to maybe try and create a little base for him...maybe with some deadfall and mushrooms and ferns.

Oh, yes, I like to sometimes include fleshy areas that would not have survived fossilization. They could have had almost any kind of display features and its fun to speculate. Maybe I will try something with the throat.

I hope to get more done this weekend:) Thanks again for your comments!