Thursday, July 3, 2008

More bears and a prehistoric beast...

Another acrylic painting of a grizzly bear, who is taking a stroll on the tundra. This is a small painting, 8"x10" on pastelbord. I found the surface easy to work with acrylics on and I'm pleased with how this little painting turned out.

I've ordered some colourfix primer to put on some gessobord so I can see how that surface is to paint on. They have some neat colors that I think would be fun to try.

The other painting is of a dinosaur, Chasmosaurus. Flowers had just started evolving during the time this guy was around, so I painted him enjoying running through a wildflower field. If you are wondering where this came from, I've had an interest in Paleontology since I can remember. Animals of unbelievable size and forms that really existed! How cool is that! Plus, I get to take the creative license pretty far in terms of color, ornamentation, behaviors, etc. The term for this kind of art is called Paleoart, or Paleo Wildlife Art. This painting will hopefully soon find it's way into Prehistoric Times magazine...a great mag that caters to all things prehistoric! I highly recommend it if you find this kind of stuff as neat as I do. Here is the link for PT magazine: