Thursday, September 29, 2011

Texture Paint + Modeling Reel

Here's a quick video of only some of my dinosaurs I've painted and modeled. The quality isn't the best and I've got a bunch more, but I need to wait before I can show them. This was pulled from a recording so its got the DC bug on it until I can get access to a good video copy. Enjoy:)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some high resoultion images of my dinos from Dinosaur Revolution

I got some stuff from work so I can show some better images of my texture painting I did for this show:) I also modeled some of the dinosaurs and even got to do some work on background plates, which was fun!

I LOVE painting pattern and color so I always wanted to paint the dinosaurs that had the most of either! It's a lot of fun to try and make the animals look as natural and interesting as possible. Hopefully it worked!

Anyway, Draconyx which I painted after an Appaloosa horse:

The Majungasaurus babies I painted after African Wild Dogs (design for these guys is Ricardo Delgado's;)
Shroomosaurus (Shunosaurus:) I made up the pattern for them and also modeled them and the Sinraptors I think I painted after Loons:

Unamed orange thing;) I think they were calling it a juvenile Pachy. The model was originally a Prenocephale. It was around Halloween so I painted him like a pumpkin:) I also modeled the base mesh for this guy:

Eoraptors. Male was somewhat painted after a pheasant.

The T Rex I painted was the "villian" Rex nicknamed Jack (this death mask design is credit to Ricardo):

Cedarosaurus I painted after Kudu antelope:

I have more stuff I'll get up later and when I can piece some of the footage together I will put it up here. Thanks everyone:)

Monday, September 12, 2011

More of my work from Dinosaur Revolution

Besides painting colors and textures on the animals (fav part! HA!) I also got to model some animals. A lot of animals were unfortunately cut, so I have a small sampling of some shots Discovery Channel has released to the public.

Miragaia was definately the hardest to model, but I think they are one of my favorites:) Also got to model the "Shroomosaurus", lol. Or "Shunosaurus" if you prefer. His tail club is way to big, but it was done for the "story". Anyway, got to paint all the Shunos as well, the "mother" being my favorite in terms of color pattern:)

Got to paint the baby Majungas after African Wild Dogs (design credit to Ricardo Delgado on those;) you can't see them to well in this picture:/

Got to paint the Dinheirosaurus too. One of my early efforts though. Think it was like the second animals I did.

Draconyx is by far one of my favorites. I got to paint them like Appaloosa horses. No pics of them have been released by the network and I don't know if I can show them or not so I'll have to wait on those until I can get them for my portfolio.

Anyway, there's more, but I'll just wait until I can get proper stuff from work:)

Oh and for some reason they did a big time channel switch in the USA. So the last part of this show airs tomorrow on the Science Channel. I have no idea why this happened though;) But its got good 'ol Jack the Rex and the others in it so I can't wait to see it! :)

Best to you all!