Sunday, May 15, 2011

More half finished things...

These are the things I have going at the moment, along with the Steggie painting I'm almost done with. The Reign dinos have kept me busy the last couple weeks, so I put my stuff aside while I work on them. I thought I would just post the WIPs anyway, so I don't neglect the blog for to long.

I'm almost there with the color map for the Olorotitan. Alas, I missed the Hadrosaur Gallery for Art Evolved as I got so distracted, but maybe I can still put him in it when he is done:)

So, the two new paintings I haven't decided on the creatures yet, I'm just playing with shapes. The next PT I think needs Tenontos, so maybe the forest painting will get one of those. Now it just has some random Iguanodon type thing in there to play with shape and angle of the dinosaur. The other one I just sketched in something to see what the pose would look like. It turned into something feathery. Not sure what dino it should be yet.

Anyway, that's what I've been up too;)