Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Paleoart Piece


I enjoy Paleontology and painting prehistoric animals. This is my newest Paleoart painting. It depicts a hadrosaur called Edmontosaurus walking through colorful flowers, similar to my Chasmosaurus painting I did.

Since dinosaur coloring is not known, I chose tans and yellows with a beautiful blue head and tail for this dinosaur to compliment the oranges and yellows of the flowers.

Hadrosaurs, or "duckbills", are my favorite type of dinosaur so I likely be painting more of them!

New Grizzly Painting

"Did Someone Order the Fish?"

I think I finished this little acrylic painting of a grizzly catching a salmon for lunch. It's title is "Did someone order the fish?" and it actually went pretty smooth. I tried to have the grizzly look like he is fighting the rushing water a bit while hanging on to his prize catch. The bear was fun to paint, the fish was a little tricky (I think because of the small size of the painting), and the water was surprisingly easy to get to look the way I wanted.

Overall, a success. Next up is a paleo piece I've just completed.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fox Paintings...

"Ready or Not!"
"Fall Colors"

One of my very favorite animals, these creatures are a joy to paint. Their beautiful coloring makes for an eye catching and colorful painting.

These are painted in acrylic on Gessobord. The running fox is titled "Ready or Not!" and I tried to make this fox look like he has just spotted a rabbit or something off canvas and is bounding after it.

The other painting, "Fall Colors", was fun as far as all those beautiful colors, but it really gave me some problems! I repainted the background many times, trying to find the right amount of detail to compliment the fox. The background says "forest" without explaining every pine cone or leaf.