Monday, March 11, 2013

Autumn Refuge

Hi everyone,

I finished a new painting of a Triceratops. Its a peaceful piece, he is just pausing in the glow of autumn sunlight.

I feel I'm improving in my paleoart and I hope to continue to grow as an artist and become better at my work.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this painting as much as I did painting it. Thank you all for your compliments and support and friendships I've recieved from the paleo community.

I will have more paintings shortly and of some different types of animals. I'm working out compositions for sauropods among other creatures so be on the lookout!

As always, prints are available if you would like one. Thank you to those that purchase prints of my work, it is a great compliment and I hope you enjoy them!

Triceratops Print available here

Best as always-


Monday, December 24, 2012

Solitude - Styracosaurus


In this painting I tried to capture a single moment of a lone Styracosaurus pausing in the sunlight, perhaps soaking in its warmth. He could be an old animal, wandering alone or maybe an outcast. Or perhaps his herd is grazing in the forest behind him.

I'm trying to work on developing my paleoart and my style. I really want the pictures to capture a moment, no matter how boring or simple, in the lives of these magnificent creatures.

I feel I'm getting more comfortable with my crazy combo of abstraction and realism and hope it adds a fresh look to paleoart in general.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much again for stopping by to look at my work.
Happy Holidays to you and yours :) - Angie

Prints are available here

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fly Away - Iguanodons


Boy, I've neglected this blog to long. But I'm back to share a new painting with everyone who might be interested.

I've painted a scene of a couple of Iguanodon watching the bird Iberomesornis take flight from their forest home. I've aimed for a tranquil scene, something very ordinary yet beautiful in its own way.

I very much enjoyed painting this one. I feel I'm getting more comfortable with my style...very loose and abstract, but realistic in a way.

I'm busy working on a lone Styracosaurus, although that can always change. And I'm sketching more ideas for future work.

As always if you would like a print or canvas print of the painting I put them up on my Fine Art America site. Thank you to those of you who have purchased them and I truly hope you enjoy the pictures.

Here is the link to the painting:

Fly Away

Best to you- Angie

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Haven't been here in awhile so figured I need to post something! haha. So here is a painting I just finished. Pretty happy with it. I'll have more to post soon as I'm working on some new creatures:)

If you want a print they can be found here:

Corythosaurus Painting

Hope you enjoy:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

More dinosaurs from Dino Rev

I get a lot of requests for more dinosaur pictures so here are some more for you:) I'll get some more when I can. Here we go:

Velociraptors "Scarlet & Ibis"...I call them that as I designed their color scheme after this gorgeous scarlet bird. I thought they turned out beautiful.

The 2 goofball Guanlongs. I didn't really have much to do with these guys, but here you go:

I didn't have much to do with this episode either (except design the colors for the babies, the sharks and model the ammonites):

More Eoraptors as I love their colors. I texture painted and designed their colors. I had help painting the baby as time was getting short:

Probelesodon I texture painted and designed the color scheme for:

Rahonavis I painted the body and feathers. He has a great personality:

Rapetosaurus I designed the color scheme for:

I'll add more soon:) Thanks!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

More high res pictures of Dinosaurs:)

Some more pics for you guys.

Jack the villian Rex:

Baby Majungas. I was really happy with how this story turned out. One of my favorites:)

The Miragaia I modeled:

No explanation needed;)

More Cedarosaurus:
Anyway, enjoy:)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Texture Paint + Modeling Reel

Here's a quick video of only some of my dinosaurs I've painted and modeled. The quality isn't the best and I've got a bunch more, but I need to wait before I can show them. This was pulled from a recording so its got the DC bug on it until I can get access to a good video copy. Enjoy:)