Monday, February 28, 2011

Olorotitan WIP

Got to work on this a little more after work tonight. I've added more muscle definition and have started sculpting in the main wrinkles. With wrinkles, you always want to punch them a little more than you think you should because when you start adding details like scales it will wipe it out.

I need to work more of the crest and face and get to some other things before I start the other details, but he is getting there;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

One more update

Thought I would finish up tonight with one more update on this guy. I've been sculpting the rear muscles on the legs and such, adjusted the frill to look interesting and did more minor tweaks.

I still have some more to go on the base model before I start all the cool stuff. Anyway, why am I always sculpting hadrosaurs? LOL! I guess because they are the best dinosaurs;)

Have a good night

Olorotitan Updates

I've been back at sculpting this Olorotitan model. Its still early in the game, but you can see some difinition in the thing.

I've got the overall shape of the animal down, remembering to have the palms of the hands face inward (dinosaurs did not have hands that were in that "bunny rabbit" position as so commonly restored...even in my old models!!! Yikes!!!)

I've started fleshing out some of the anatomy on the head, neck and front legs. The rear half still has yet to be sculpted.

I'm trying to figure out that beautiful crest. At this stage I will try and find as many skeleton refs as I can to help me.

So here he is so far. Once I've finished fleshing out the base model with the muscles and form, I will move on to the smaller details...the wrinkles, scales and scratches... Its always important to have a character for the animal, not just a generic "dinosaur". I've learned that at work and it has helped me grow as a paleoartist.

After that comes my favorite part...the colors!!! I can't wait to paint him with all those spots!!!

Follow along for more updates soon. Thanks everyone for all your kind comments and of course you are more than welcome to chime in if you see something incorrect. Its how we all learn;)


Monday, February 21, 2011

Color Design

While I've been on the project "Reign of the Dinosaurs" I've had the opportunity to create a lot of color designs and found that I really love painting interesting patterns for dinosaurs.

This is something I've done for a dinosaur I am making for my own portfolio (its not for Reign). I love hadrosaurs and have chosen the beautiful species Orolotitan to model and paint.

I went with some nice color pattern to accent the head, possibly this is a male and his colors are meant for display purposes. He also has a piebald spotted pattern for the rest of him. Something I've noticed lacking in a lot of dinosaur design is spotted and piebald patterning. Many people like to use vertical stripes on their dinosaurs so I figured this would be a unique take on dinosaur color.

I'll be trying to model this guy and paint him soon:) Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reign of the Dinosaurs

Do you like dinosaurs? Of course you do. Because they are that awesome!

I've been lucky enough to be a VFX artist onboard this fantastic upcoming Discovery mini-series for about a year now. I'm having a great time modeling and painting dinosaurs all day long:) And working with great people too!

So if you love dinosaurs, or even just a great adventure you will love "Reign". Watch for it this year, dinosaurs are so awesome!