Sunday, February 27, 2011

Olorotitan Updates

I've been back at sculpting this Olorotitan model. Its still early in the game, but you can see some difinition in the thing.

I've got the overall shape of the animal down, remembering to have the palms of the hands face inward (dinosaurs did not have hands that were in that "bunny rabbit" position as so commonly restored...even in my old models!!! Yikes!!!)

I've started fleshing out some of the anatomy on the head, neck and front legs. The rear half still has yet to be sculpted.

I'm trying to figure out that beautiful crest. At this stage I will try and find as many skeleton refs as I can to help me.

So here he is so far. Once I've finished fleshing out the base model with the muscles and form, I will move on to the smaller details...the wrinkles, scales and scratches... Its always important to have a character for the animal, not just a generic "dinosaur". I've learned that at work and it has helped me grow as a paleoartist.

After that comes my favorite part...the colors!!! I can't wait to paint him with all those spots!!!

Follow along for more updates soon. Thanks everyone for all your kind comments and of course you are more than welcome to chime in if you see something incorrect. Its how we all learn;)


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