Monday, December 24, 2012

Solitude - Styracosaurus


In this painting I tried to capture a single moment of a lone Styracosaurus pausing in the sunlight, perhaps soaking in its warmth. He could be an old animal, wandering alone or maybe an outcast. Or perhaps his herd is grazing in the forest behind him.

I'm trying to work on developing my paleoart and my style. I really want the pictures to capture a moment, no matter how boring or simple, in the lives of these magnificent creatures.

I feel I'm getting more comfortable with my crazy combo of abstraction and realism and hope it adds a fresh look to paleoart in general.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much again for stopping by to look at my work.
Happy Holidays to you and yours :) - Angie

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Sean Craven said...

I sort of hate to comment when I keep saying the same thing, but these landscape-with-dinosaur pieces of yours are just lovely, and it's a real pleasure to see them.

Angie Rodrigues said...

:) Thank you and I always appreciate a compliment so don't worry;) I'm happy you like them and that you take the time to tell me.

Best - Angie

axiomalchemy said...

Well, Happy Christmas to us all.
Many thanks indeed for leaving us such a marvelous gift.
I believe I speak for us all when I say your art is magnificent as it is.
If I had to describe your style I would perhaps call it Paleo-wildlife-Impressionism.
Your eye captures the subject from an anatomists view, however you paint them with the heart of a poet.
I, for one am so tired of them being depicted as rage-fueled destructo-beasties. Jaws agape, bloody-clawed, and engaged in battle.
Too many comic book boy fantasies seep into our collective ideas about how these creatures lived their lives. Myself included.
If anyone has ever walked through a fog shrouded clearing in Wyoming in October, and suddenly a Bison Bull strides across your path, There is a wonder that one cannot truly describe about being so near to such a majestic creature.
If anyone has ever marveled at these things from a Remmington Painting, all galloping with wide-eyed tongue lolling cannot compare to the power it evokes when it quietly stops to regard you for one magic moment.
Your Styracosaur captures that essence so beautifully. I imagine the animal's sense of granduer, the power it conveys in it's serene stillness.
On a chilly autumn morning it's breath visible with each exhale, it stops to listen cautiously before continuing on and vanishes through the mists.

Your art evokes as well as depicts.

We don't need another technical illustration, dorsal view, mid-stride on a white field with a scale bar to show length.
Has that not been done ad nauseum?

Nature is never boring, or simple.
and is not fueled by excitement.
There is a magnificence in the shape of the smallest flower to the greatest of mountains. And there is power in the serene.
Your way of capturing this from a world none has ever seen gives credence to your talents.

I would not change a thing.

Thank you for my X-mas present.

Angie Rodrigues said...


I found your comment and as always you make me so happy. I know I'm a little late as I usually only return to post new images, but each time I see your posts and how happy you are with my pictures it just makes my entire day.

Thank you as always for your suport and words of kindness.

I'm happy you like my style. I feel I'm improving as I practice more and more and just let my style develope. I just want to branch off and create my own worlds.

I'm happy they bring you joy :)

I just posted my new Triceratops painting too.

Blessings to you!