Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some high resoultion images of my dinos from Dinosaur Revolution

I got some stuff from work so I can show some better images of my texture painting I did for this show:) I also modeled some of the dinosaurs and even got to do some work on background plates, which was fun!

I LOVE painting pattern and color so I always wanted to paint the dinosaurs that had the most of either! It's a lot of fun to try and make the animals look as natural and interesting as possible. Hopefully it worked!

Anyway, Draconyx which I painted after an Appaloosa horse:

The Majungasaurus babies I painted after African Wild Dogs (design for these guys is Ricardo Delgado's;)
Shroomosaurus (Shunosaurus:) I made up the pattern for them and also modeled them and the Sinraptors I think I painted after Loons:

Unamed orange thing;) I think they were calling it a juvenile Pachy. The model was originally a Prenocephale. It was around Halloween so I painted him like a pumpkin:) I also modeled the base mesh for this guy:

Eoraptors. Male was somewhat painted after a pheasant.

The T Rex I painted was the "villian" Rex nicknamed Jack (this death mask design is credit to Ricardo):

Cedarosaurus I painted after Kudu antelope:

I have more stuff I'll get up later and when I can piece some of the footage together I will put it up here. Thanks everyone:)


DinoHunter000 said...

OMG!! MORE MORE MORE!! These are the kinds of pictures I've been waiting for! I adore the simple coloured models, they are so useful as an artist/dino-fanatic :) If you could post maybe a couple hundred more, I would be very happy Lol

Stu Pond said...

Brilliant work, and thanks for sharing the images. How much of the texture is displacement and how much geometry?


Vlad said...

Angie, this is PERFECT!!! Congratulations!

TaLi said...

First, Congratulations for such wonderful blogs! I checked the Art Evolved one and I love it, but this one is so cool too!

I'm a very big fan of dinosaurs since I was 3 (I'm 23 now LOL) and I'm so impressed by Dinosaur Revolution, I really liked it so much! So, thankyou for sharing this great images!

I'll be watching your work around here ^-^ and, by the way I love your profile picture with your golden retriever, I have one too, and she's my life's joy.


Pete VonSholly said...


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

simply awesome!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Wow, thanks everybody! I'm glad you like these guys:) I'll try and find some more to put up of what I have for you:)

Bryan, lol, thank you so much and I'm glad you like them. I don't think I have a couple hundred more;) But I'll find more for you. Thank you again!

Hi Stu! On most of these I'm just talking about the diffuse (color) paint part of it, but for the models I would build a relatively simple model (geometry) and then detail it with wrinkles/scales, etc that would then be used as a Disp. Map....if that makes sense:)

Ah, Vlad:) Thank you! When you get your dinosaurs from work lemme know so I can go check them out! I have a hard time remembering who did which, lol! And congrats to you as well:) It was fun for sure!!!

Unicornio! Thank you so much:) Ive been dinosaur crazy since I was little as well and I'm 34, LOL! So we won't grow out of it;) Thank you for stopping by, I'm really glad to hear you like the dinosaurs and my dog:) His name is Quiz, my working dog:) I love him! Hugs back and hope to see you around:) Art Evolved is a wonderful site for artists to hang out in. Thanks again:)

Pete you are so awesome:) Thank you as always:)

Dinorider thank you! :)

Best to everyone and thanks again!