Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My CGI Dinos turned into figures...

Okay, so I saw this link posted by someone over in the dino figure forum and had to try it. They turn your CG into REAL models!!! OK, as awesome as this sounds, it takes a little getting used to modeling for a real figure. Plus, it isn't that cheap to do. Reasonable, but not cheap.

I tried it with 2 of my dinos. I had to pose them so that they would stand in the real world, make them watertight and hollow to cut down on the cost. It took me awhile.

Then I ordered them up (had to redo the Brachy once as there was a problem with it while printing) and they made it from the Netherlands to my doorstep today:)

They are about 1/75 in size, comparable to the dinotales figures for those of you that collect figures.

They feel a little delicate, but not to much so, just don't drop them! And they are paintable!!!

I'll hopefully get to painting them soon. Anyway, here they are.

If you want to buy one here is my store:

They come in large and small and I'll be adding new dinosaurs to my store as I am able. After I make them, I order a small for myself b4 I make them available, so I can make sure they are printed well.
Anyway, tell me what you think!



Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

Why oh why did I have to learn about this :P

Thanks... just in time for my learning how to add model detail with Vertex modelling to my stuff...

If I weren't moving in a few weeks I'd be tempted to pick up the Parasaurolophus right now!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Yeah, it is cool stuff!

I'm tweaking the Parasaurolophus right now to improve the figure (I think the legs could be a tad stockier), then he'll be back up in my store. I thought he turned out very beautiful though...

Donn't worry, I'm just as knee deep in the madness...
Take care!

Zachary Miller said...

That's wonderful! Better than any toy-store models I've seen. :-)

Angie Rodrigues said...

thank you so much zach:-) I'm going to try and make some resin sculptures at home, too. It looks like fun!
When I get home from my vacation I need to get on some paintings of some Stegs for the next PT. Hope you are well, thanks for your comments:-)

Anonymous said...