Monday, August 22, 2011

Some of my texture painting for Dinosaur Revolution

Now that these pictures have been posted online I can share them with you guys :)

A couple of the animals I painted for the show. I love color, pattern and design and was allowed to do my thing so this is the result of the Eoraptors (had some help with the baby from a co-worker who is amazing because we were trying to paint stuff in like 3-5 days, but adults are my guys;)

I also painted the "villian" T-Rex who we nicknamed "Jack" :)

If anymore get released I'll show you, I just can't show anything unless its officially released:(

Thanks guys!


Trish said...

Woah, those are gorgeous! Love the skull-face look on the rexes.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hey Trish! Thank you ever so much for such nice compliments:) I'm glad you like them!




Evan Boucher said...

I'm very curious about this show. As the first images and clips were appearing I was thrown off a bit, to be honest, but the more I see, the more I understand how you guys weren't afraid to have some fun and be a little inventive with some of the design/storytelling. Looking forward to checking it out, and seeing all the hard work pay off!

Also - just outta curiosity - was your responsibility only diffuse painting or did you do any of the modeling/displacement sculpting as well? Some of that skin detail is simply killer!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi Evan! Oh, yeah we had some fun, lol! Not always taking ourselves to seriously. Lotsa artsy stuff and creative license. Lots of "normal" stuff too, but artists definately got some say, lol!

Yeah, I'm both nervous and excited to see the final result. It was a TON of OMG work. I've never worked so many 90 hour weeks in my life. Pretty sure I just lost some years off my lifespan, lol! But, it was worth it. I had fun and got to live my dream.

I did pretty much a bit of everything. For this Rex I just did his diffuse. Krentz did the model and detail. He actually had more, but it got lost because the geometry wasn't there to support it.

But i was all over the place. Modeling, detailing, texturing...I even painted out some stuff in background plates, lol! I learned a lot and had fun.

Thanks Evan!

Stu Pond said...

Seriously cool textures, and really quite original. What programme do you paint the textures in?

davidmaas said...

Looks very cool!
As I wrote - your one-person stuff looks just as good. Look forward to seeing more - Krentz' models are hot!

axiomalchemy said...

I will need to invest in a Blu-Ray Player, as well as an HDTV in order to fully marvel at the level of detailing that shows with these stills.
When the Blu-Ray is released will we be able to you as you work in detailing, rendering, and sculpting?
Were you interviewed at any time during the production of D.R.?
I'm sure we would like some behind the scenes footage of the skill and hard work made by everyone in the creation of this program.

Seventeen days and counting.

Anonymous said...

can you show us Highres renders of yours animals you made ??

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi anonymous:)

I wish I could, but I can only use what Discovery is throwing out there for now:(

Once the show airs I'll be able to get some nice renders from the production house and will get all my dinosaurs together to show here and for my portfolio.

It was really fun and I really loved painting the dinosaurs and modeling them:) I can't wait to show them:)

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comment!

Best, Angie

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi Axio!

Hey thank you:) I really did my best on the modeling and texturing, so I hope it shows up well.

I wasn't interviewed for anything, lol:) I'm far down on the food chain. I don't need to be though, I like being in the shadows painting pretty colors on the dinosaurs:)

I was in the room during filming stuff though, so who knows:)

I can't wait to see my Shroomosaurus (Shunosaurus). I really liked painting Sauropods in unusual colors. Ha! It was so much fun.

I didn't do any rendering or anything like that. That's all the animation studios. I just built the dinosaurs, came up with colors for them (along with Ricardo Delgado) and then got to texture them.

Really fun!!! Although, unfortunately, we were still functioning on a TV budget, so don't expect Avatar or anything, lol!!!

We tried our best though. I'm happy though, I really like my dinosaurs so far:)

Thanks as always for stopping by! I'm so nervous, lol!

Angie Rodrigues said...

David! Thank you so much for your compliments:) Yeah, David makes the best dinosaurs! They were the most fun to texture paint as well.

Thank you for such a compliment:)

Angie Rodrigues said...

Stu, thank you! I really appreciate your compliments:) Many thanks:)

I use Zbrush to paint the animals:)

Best to you, Angie

axiomalchemy said...

Wouldn't you know it I was phoned in to work at the last moment. And my shifts are roughly 12 hours long.
How funny is that? (Not terribly funny).
Anyway, enjoy the fruits of your labors.
I can only hope that it will available for download before too long.
Have a Happy and safe Labor Day.

Jason said...

You said that internally you guys had nicknamed the T-Rex "Jack". I've just gotta ask, what was the Allosaurus with the broken jaw named?

leo "el explorador del tiempo" said...

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Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi Jason!

:) Yeah, Jack the villian Rex. The other one is Stumpy and Tinkerbell the female:-D

Poor Al had no real original nickname;) Just good 'ol Al:) The Lead Dinheiro is "Bull", bunch of others had pet names to. Was fun!

Thanks for stopping by:)

Angie Rodrigues said...

HI Axio!!!

Well, there was some weird stuff going on with schedule changes and just a whole lot of stuff I don't understand and can't really talk about anyway:P

I got to see the first half, so far the waterhole is definately the best. I just wish the talking heads and narration could have been left out, but such is life. I did enjoy seeing my dinos on screen though. Miragaia popped onto the screen and I freaked, lol!!!

Best to you, thank you and don't work to hard!


Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi Leo!

Thank you!!!! And I have been checking out your blog, keep it going! Great stuff:)

Best to you and thank you!