Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some fighting Hadrosaurs...

just cuz they did more then fall over dead when roared at by big things with pointy teeth...


Bryan said...

Oh wow!! I've always imagined Hadrosaurs as wild-horses analogs, and wanted to see them bite! GREAT WORK :)

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you! :) I've always thought the same and have imagined at least the males having vicious fights for dominance or females.

I'm pretty sure they could give a nasty bite.

Thank you though for your compliments:)

axiomalchemy said...

I must admit I did indulge in a geek moment when I saw this. Like multi-ton Mustang Stallions. A very vivid impressive scenario. A complete reversal from what most people envisioned as what behaviors they may have expressed.
I'm so pleased that you have more time to post now. My goodness, Nothing for weeks, and now two postings in a week? You're smothering us woman! (joking)
As always, We the undeserving and unworthy are grateful for your continued talents. I'm awaiting my next paycheck. I want to purchase your Hadrosaur collection. Just how many species are you thinking of producing? If I e-mail you could I submit a wish list, or perhaps a commission?
As always, thanks for the postings

Angie Rodrigues said...

LOL, thanks. Yeah, I think poor Hadrosaurs always get viewed as just stuff for other stuff to eat, but I think they were more exciting than that. I'm glad you like it:)

Yeah, a bit more time now to post. I'm busy sculpting a lot of animals for Shapeways. Its a painful process so its taking me awhile, but I'll have a ton of hadrosaurs along with other things.

Thanks for writing as always. I put a link up for new pics from DR too:)