Monday, August 8, 2011

More Dinosaur Revolution Pics

Even more pics of our dinos!

Check them out here:

Dino Revolution pics

They include the Allosaurus and his "pal" a Ramph. Teenage T. Rex, Shunosaurus, and the Dinheirosaurus.

Enjoy :)


axiomalchemy said...

No doubt this will garner for you so more than deserved attention in the Paleoart circles, so are you giving thought about perhaps gracing the world with a book about our favorite.
Something that showcases these incredible animals as something other than mobile meals?
Your knowledge and talents would be so much better then most of the books out there about them.
Just a thought is all. But what a thought!

Bryan said...

Great, now everytime I think of a Shunosaurus--sorry, Shroomasaurus-- I think of Austin Powers.
"Groooovy Baby!" Lol
Great, great job on everything you have done on Dinosaur Revolution. I've followed all of the comments/sneek peaks on JPLegacy, your blog, and the DTF and I am insanely excited!!! The colours for the dinos/critters look gorgeous and it's finally time that the public got caught up with the current times for dinosaurs! :)

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thanks guys!

I'd love to make a book or something or even just my paintings hopefully doing that. I have it in my mind, but that would be a lot of fun to have my own little stories about these awesome animals and not just show them in the usual way:)

Bryan! LOL, thank you:) I'm glad you like them. I'm pretty attached to my Shroomo, lol, he is groovy!

Thanks again you guys!