Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rex fight

Alright, Comic Con presentation via Discovery here:

Rex fight


axiomalchemy said...

Kudos Angie for your colour schemes on the Tyrannosaurs, it invokes menace to the animals even whilst standing still. I do wonder, was it your intention all along to make them as walking Death's Heads? The pattern does indeed appear as though the skulls are on the outside.
Awe inspiring!
In the battle scene I saw some echoes of One Million Years B.C. and perhaps King Kong as one wagged it's tail in almost serpentine fashion towards the viewer.
An homage perhaps?
When the premier is over, and we've all smoked that " after cigarette",
will you be able to give us a more insight into your creative insight for the beasties?
As always, your postings are always welcomed, and appreciated.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you so much! The design credit goes to Ricardo Delgado on those:) I textured painted the "evil" Rex that wins the fight though.

Yeah, the original intention was to make them have markings that would look like "death masks" for the chilling effect. I think it may have worked better if it was mostly left on the "evil" Rex as opposed to both males, but it works fine enough.

I'm impressed with the animators on that sequence. They got it through just by body posture who was the dominant male animal.

There is homage all over the place on this thing;) In the commercial the fighting Cryos are in ref to the Charles Knight painting.

This one may have had some homage in it. I think the wagging tail is more of a "nervous" thing the omega Rex does. Kinda like "crap, why me I don't want to fight you, but I can't just sit here".

Could be some Kong homage though.

The show itself is going to be heavily divided into who loves it and who doesn't. Their is a lot of humor, sadness, etc. throughout so you may not like the whole thing depending on how much you like the dinosaurs to be made into "characters".

Although personally I love what I see so far and they are doing a great job with it.

Yeah, once its over I will put up my dinosaur models and textures and can talk about them more.

Your comments are always welcomed:) Thank you so much for checking in! I really appreciate it as always:)