Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dinosaur Revolution pics

Discovery posted some new screen caps of some of our dinosaurs so you can go check them out if you want. Which you do. Because dinosaurs are awesome.

Dinosaur Revolution Pics

Yeah. Dinosaurs are cool. :)


Anonymous said...

i like them, were they all designed by you ??

Angie Rodrigues said...

:)Glad you like them. No they are not all mine.

I texture painted the T Rex in the poster (he is the "evil" Rex in the film), texture painted the sauropods in the first picture and also texture painted the Eoraptors in the last picture.

The baby Eoraptor also had help from a coworker cuz I was busy with trying to keep up on the adults.

Design wise I got to design the color schemes for the sauropods, the Cryos and the Eoraptors:)

Hopefully they will put more out there soon!

Linda said...

Brilliant you should be very proud of your work such a lot of time and detail it shows, I shall enjoy watching the whole programme when it airs over here. :)m Linda

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you Linda:) Thats very kind of you. Please let me know how you liked the show when you get to see it;)

Again, thanks!

Chrshonore said...

Hello; I am currently reviewing Dinosaur Revolution for a paleontology-related site on blogger and have to say that I love the coloring and texturing of the dinosaurs in the program! Especially those of Gigantoraptor, Torvosaurus, and T. rex!

Angie Rodrigues said...


Wow, thank you:) The colors were by far my favorite part and I really enjoyed it so I'm glad other people enjoyed it as well:)

Thank you for commenting! :)