Monday, September 12, 2011

More of my work from Dinosaur Revolution

Besides painting colors and textures on the animals (fav part! HA!) I also got to model some animals. A lot of animals were unfortunately cut, so I have a small sampling of some shots Discovery Channel has released to the public.

Miragaia was definately the hardest to model, but I think they are one of my favorites:) Also got to model the "Shroomosaurus", lol. Or "Shunosaurus" if you prefer. His tail club is way to big, but it was done for the "story". Anyway, got to paint all the Shunos as well, the "mother" being my favorite in terms of color pattern:)

Got to paint the baby Majungas after African Wild Dogs (design credit to Ricardo Delgado on those;) you can't see them to well in this picture:/

Got to paint the Dinheirosaurus too. One of my early efforts though. Think it was like the second animals I did.

Draconyx is by far one of my favorites. I got to paint them like Appaloosa horses. No pics of them have been released by the network and I don't know if I can show them or not so I'll have to wait on those until I can get them for my portfolio.

Anyway, there's more, but I'll just wait until I can get proper stuff from work:)

Oh and for some reason they did a big time channel switch in the USA. So the last part of this show airs tomorrow on the Science Channel. I have no idea why this happened though;) But its got good 'ol Jack the Rex and the others in it so I can't wait to see it! :)

Best to you all!



Vin Teng said...

Great work. I had a chance to catch it on it's premier and really enjoyed it.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the dinosaurs;)



axiomalchemy said...

My thanks for the additional images. Your passion and skill really shine through, how wonderful it must have been to be part of such a grand undertaking with others who share the same zeal for dinosaurs.
Hopefully, Discovery Channel will make D.R. available for download sooner than the release of the Blu-Ray which we will not see until the end of the year.
Now, I'm curious about Spielberg's paleo project Terra Nova due later this month. But D.R. will of course be my preferred because I can boast to people " Hey I know someone who worked on this. And she's just ducky about Hadrosaurs like me."
Thank you for the posts " Ducky."

Anonymous said...

Can you post high res images of all your animals maybe when you are allowed to ??

Daddy said...

as I move into my first year writeing paleofiction;I find myself blessed w/exellent paleoartists in my corner.I wanted to give you my respect and admiration for your incredible,beautifull work!--kenney sills

Niroot said...

I like basing colours on the patterns of pinto horses too. :)

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...


loving your designs!

Alessio said...

As we'd say in Italy, BRAVISSIMA!
You're probably the best "dinosaur colorist" ever, except, well, except for Nature ;)

Keep up the awesome work!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Alessio! :) Thank you for such nice compliments! Coloring them was by far my favorite part and I really tried to give them some unique patterns and colors so I'm glad you like them!

And yeah, nothing beats nature! I was amazed at the amount of pattern and color that is out there once I really started looking for reference.

Best to you and thanks again!

Angie Rodrigues said...

axio! Thank you as always. Yeah, it should be out there at some point. I'm a little disappointed it got changed a bit from the original intent of fictional-no narration dinosaur drama, but I'm still excited to see my dinosaurs!!! And yeah, Hadrosaurs are by far the most awesome:)))

Thank you as always!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Daddy, Niroot, Dinorider...all of you thank you so much for your compliments. I hope we never find out what color all these dinosaurs were, lol. I'm having to much fun creating patterns for them:)

Thank you again so much!!!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi anonymous:) Thanks for stopping by! I just got a bunch of stuff from the studio and I'm going to go put some shots up now, I'll have to go thru the turntables and wait until I can get a copy of the DVD from work to piece together a demo reel of sorts, but I'll put some stuff up.

Thank you!

RaptorSpinoRex said...

Hi angie, my name is daniel, i'm from italy.

I don't think you have ever heard of this videogame called Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, it is esaily modable and i like to edit the skins of this game and give the dinosaurs new looks :P
i saw your awesome dinosaurs, the colors, the textures everything looks amazing!
may i ask you if you can give me the textures of "Jack" the evil tyranosaurus? i would really appreciate it and the community would love to see it in JPOG (short for Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis).
i will make sure a big part of my own site: will visit your awesome blogs!
if you want to give me the textures of the tyrannosaurus my email is
if not is ok don't worry i understand ;)

thanks you for reading ;)


Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi there Daniel!!!

I definately know of JPOG:) I can't give you the textures from the actual model as I do not own them (they belong to Discovery and the production company) but you are welcome to create your own based on Jack:) I would actually love to see the result! If you have a link to your creations make sure to let me know:)

I'm off to go check out your site, I love dinosaurs as well and I would love to see what the JPOG community has been creating. How fun!

Best to you:)

Zach said...

Wow, Angie, I didn't realize you worked on the show--I thought the texture work and color schemes were wonderful. Definately some of the best modeling in all the cable dinosaur documentaries I've seen.

Excellent work!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thanks Zach! Yeah, it was fun:) I miss it! The textures were my favorite part, I'm glad you like them too:)