Thursday, September 29, 2011

Texture Paint + Modeling Reel

Here's a quick video of only some of my dinosaurs I've painted and modeled. The quality isn't the best and I've got a bunch more, but I need to wait before I can show them. This was pulled from a recording so its got the DC bug on it until I can get access to a good video copy. Enjoy:)


leo "el explorador del tiempo" said...

hey angie, I love your models, your drawings, your textures, your sketchs, etc, in other words, ¡I love your blog! visit my blog, is about prehistoric creatures and time travels:

it isn't in english, but is a good blog

Spartan said...

Hey Angie! I really like your touch to the dinosaurs! Specially for the pachycephalosaur :) I have some question about DR. I saw Discovery removed all DR products. Why? And I saw on your comanets DTF, what is DTF? Excellent job with the Draconyx and Miragaia.
So if you like dinosaur art, why you dont see my blog paleoheavy?

kenneyboy82 said...

hi angie!(we have many of the same friends!?!?!)I am a paleofiction/sci-fi author and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work on the "dino-revolution"..!it is/was exellent work and I really hold you up high my friend!hopefully you get the chance to read some of my books,"UNDER A JURASSIC MOON"is allmost ready so you can check out the blog and tell me if you like it?I cant tell you enough how much I like the new concepts you been working on..!proud of you..Kenney Sills

Anonymous said...

Please post a picture of that 3D t-rex!

Angie Rodrigues said...

:) Hit there!

I only have the turntable of him, but I will try and grab a pic of him for you from the turntable:)


Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi Kenney!!!

We do :-D Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you like the dinosaurs!!! It was a lot of fun to model/paint them and I had a blast:) Here's hoping they do more with it!

I am definately going to check out your blog and I'll link to it from here. I already know I'm going to love it! Thank you:)


Angie Rodrigues said...

Hey there Spartan!

Thank you:) I love that little orange thing, lol! I think they ended up calling it a juvy Pachy, but he was really a Preno model (just painted differently) but I always thought he was cute with those big eyes;) GLad you like the Draconyx and Miras too, those are some of my favs and I was happy with how they turned out:) Thanks for your compliments!

DTF= Dinosaur Toy Forum. Great group with lots of fantastic Paleoart. I hang out there when I can, although work has been keeping me a bit busy lately.

I don't know exactly why the DR products are on hold, they are not removed...just postponed AFAIK. I think from what it sounds like they are trying to do something more with it. As soon as they publicly announce what they are up to, I'll post it here as I'm excited to see more as well!

I'll be checking out your blog for sure! I do love dinosaur art:) Thank you so much again:)


Angie Rodrigues said...

Thanks Leo!!!! I love your blog as well and will be checking it out all the time!!! Thanks for sharing:)


Anonymous said...

Hello Angie! I love seeing these pictures from the show and the "behind the scenes" stuff for it! The models and textures for all the dinosaurs were not only really well made, but also interesting and eye-opening. You guys did a phenomenal job with this show considering the circumstances. Anyway, I've been trying to make some .gifs (animated pictures) of the Jack turntable so that it would loop,but to little avail. Do you think you could try making some looping animations of the dinosaurs from those turntables for your next post as well?

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hey there anonymous:) Thanks for dropping by!!!

And thank you for such kind comments. I'm glad you enjoy the models and textures, that makes my day hearing it as I really want people to enjoy the dinosaurs! Thank you!!!!

I went ahead and uploaded Jack's turntable for you, I added it to my most recent post so you can find it there:)

I'll go thru more of what I have and see what I can post for you and some others who like seeing this stuff. Thank you again so much and hope to see you back:-D

Best to you, Angie