Sunday, October 9, 2011

More high res pictures of Dinosaurs:)

Some more pics for you guys.

Jack the villian Rex:

Baby Majungas. I was really happy with how this story turned out. One of my favorites:)

The Miragaia I modeled:

No explanation needed;)

More Cedarosaurus:
Anyway, enjoy:)


axiomalchemy said...

Do you still keep in contact with your team that put DR together?
I was just wondering because I'm curious about the numbers of viewers that tuned in, and whether Discovery will pick up DR as a weekly series.
As always, a delight to read your posts and marvel at your talents.
Ooohs & Ahhhs abound, at least where I'm am sitting

Angie Rodrigues said...

:-D Hi there!!!!

You are to kind, thank you as always for such compliments!! :)

Sure, me and my immediate team are great friends. I miss them a lot! And we still keep in contact all the time:)

I'm not sure of how the whole thing faired as far as viewers go. Just the fact that the second half got a network switch and no one told the general public probably means not so well. I had family asking where it went and my neighbors kids frantic over where their favorite dinosaurs (T Rex of course) went. I really don't know what happened with that, but even I don't get the science channel and still haven't seen it on TV:(

It looks good and I was so happy to finally see most of the dinosaurs, but I'm hoping they are able to do something else with it and get it out of the whole "documentary" style its in now.

It would be much better if it could be presented the way they intended it to be which is basically pure entertainment with some neat looking dinos. I haven't heard what is going on and would need to wait for them to publicly release anything anyway before I said anything. But here's hoping!

I doubt it would be a weekly series, usually they tend to air these shows in whole or parts instead of in weekly segments. I could be wrong at some point though as I'm really out of the loop on stuff like that. I basically stick to color and modeling, lol!

If and when something happens and when I get permission to say so I'll definately put it up here for everyone:)

Thanks as always for commenting and your kind comments on my dinosaurs:)

Best to you as always:)

axiomalchemy said...

I did read that DR was not as well received as WWD was but perhaps because of transfer to the Science Channel.
It does make sense with most programming centered around 911 and all. Discovery would have followed suit.
Happened to catch a glimpse of the Survival Tactics Episode before YouTube pulled it, and I must know, was it your idea to give mutton chops to a Utahraptor?
It was inspired, and looked amazing. Add a bouncing pompadour and I would have had a Rock-a-doodle Moment.
Paint me an Elvisaurus on black velvet and I will be your devotee for life.
My efforts to find a digital download for DR still proves futile, which perplexes me. Usually after a week the new series premiers are usually available on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc. Just my luck that the one thing I would deign to purchase would be unavailable. C'est la vie no?
(Well pardon my French. )
Hope to hear that you will be doing more of this kind of work soon.

Anonymous said...

Please post some pictures of the rapetosaurus,mother allosaurus,and torvosaurus as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Please post pictures of the torvosaurus,guanlong,rapetosaurus,mososaur, and mother allosaurus.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post somE pictures of the guanlong.

Anonymous said...

Could you please post some images of the two guanlong?

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi guys!

Sure, I will try and pull some images for you of these animals. I'll try and get them up tomorrow-ish for you as I have to get them from my copy of the show. So check back in the next couple days and I'll see what I can do for ya:)

Hi Axio! Yeah, unfortunately "Reign of the Dinosaurs" took somewhat of a weird U turn at the end. Its really in the wrong format and I think that is where most of the problems are. Its really meant as more of a fun approach and I don't think it works that well when presented as a "documentary". Oh, well:) As you say C'est la vie!

I'm not sure why it was scheduled on 9/11 in the first place. That was a bad day to pick IMO and sure enough it got punted to another day. Another network surprised me though, but I don't know anything about marketing anyway.

I'm happy with most of the stories though and the majority of the animals turned out wonderful, so that's good! :) My favs are the Rahonavis and the stoned Shunosaurus (which was great fun to paint rainbow colors).

Haha! Utahraptors:) I loved how the sauropod gave one of them a kick:-D I didn't design them or paint them, except one. I designed some of the look for one of the brown flock (the leader) who is a mix of ocelot and snow leopard. They were also the first dinosaurs I detailed (put all the scales and stuff on). Other than that though, it was everybody else for those guys:)

Yeah, the show isn't that easy to find. It was postponed for purchase anyway by Discovery. Not sure if its back up or not. Apparently something is going on with it, not sure though. Youtube is where I had to watch the second half as I don't get the Science Channel and missed the premiere...which is hard when you put over a year of effort into it and love dinosaurs, but I did get to see the first half on TV and it was great fun to see all my dinosaurs walking around and the colors of the animals and how they looked!

I would love to do this again. Hopefully more dinosaur projects come my way! It was so much fun! And thank you as always for all your comments and kind words:) I appreciate it all!

Best to all of you:)