Thursday, November 3, 2011

More dinosaurs from Dino Rev

I get a lot of requests for more dinosaur pictures so here are some more for you:) I'll get some more when I can. Here we go:

Velociraptors "Scarlet & Ibis"...I call them that as I designed their color scheme after this gorgeous scarlet bird. I thought they turned out beautiful.

The 2 goofball Guanlongs. I didn't really have much to do with these guys, but here you go:

I didn't have much to do with this episode either (except design the colors for the babies, the sharks and model the ammonites):

More Eoraptors as I love their colors. I texture painted and designed their colors. I had help painting the baby as time was getting short:

Probelesodon I texture painted and designed the color scheme for:

Rahonavis I painted the body and feathers. He has a great personality:

Rapetosaurus I designed the color scheme for:

I'll add more soon:) Thanks!


traumador said...

Nice stuff as usual.

So after a production what happens to all the files and such for these effects. Are they put into "storage" as it were or are they destroyed... I'm just asking because I've always wondered?

Angie Rodrigues said...


Thank you:)

Oh, yes, they definately keep everything. Tons of animals and stories were cut and they are all sitting there as well as everything from what was released.

Lots and lots of files. Honestly, it amazes me how these things come together at all. Just keeping track of what was where and who was working on what and what was still needed, etc. Lots of work. The most fun I've ever had at work though.

Best as always:)

leo "el explorador del tiempo" said...

haha! the guanlong looks like the slasher of terra nova

Anonymous said...

I would really appreciate it if you would post pictures of the torvosaurus and some more pictures of the rapetosaurus,as well as the adult majungasaurus.

Anonymous said...

Also could you post some pictures of the brown utahraptors.

Anonymous said...

If the megapnosaurus,coelophisis,and postosuchus designs were ever finished could you try to post some pictures of them.

Spartan said...

Hi Angie! Nice stuff. The guanlongs looks like cassowary birds.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi Leo...haha! They do look like the Slashers! Mostly the pudgey one:-D I never even thought of that!

Spartan, thank you! The skinny guy was indeed based on the colors of the Cassowary and the fat one was based on some type of vulture:)

Everyone else, sure, no probs. I will try and get you some more pictures of these animals:) Unfortunately, I can't show you any dinosaurs that did not make it to air.

A lot of dinosaurs were cut, but I'm not allowed to show you them:( I wish I could, some of my favorites were cut, sorry though. But I'll get you some more pics soon!