Sunday, February 26, 2012


Haven't been here in awhile so figured I need to post something! haha. So here is a painting I just finished. Pretty happy with it. I'll have more to post soon as I'm working on some new creatures:)

If you want a print they can be found here:

Corythosaurus Painting

Hope you enjoy:)


axiomalchemy said...

Another astounding image many thanks dear.

One can almost hear the sound of the insects,pterosaurs, and birds as well as the calls of other Cory drakes far off in the distance. This one in his finery is on his way to woo some lucky doe.

I would never know that cocks had those marvelous combs if all I new of them were skulls. That being said, I wonder if those crests supported even larger and higher structures made of some fleshy materiel.

Anyway, it was so worth the wait, thank again Angie.

Matt said...

Bloody Great Angie.

The use of colour, value etc. is spot on.
Really digging the level of abstraction in your work too.

Matt said...

DArn it! I commented on this fantastic illustration the other day.
Just in case blogger fluffed the comment: great use of pretty much everything Angie.

Really enjoying the watercolour feel.

Angie Rodrigues said...

:) THANK YOU SO MUCH you guys:) I love hearing from you, even if it takes me a bit to get back here:)

Matt, thank you! I'm glad you are liking the abstraction in the painting. I really like painting in a non-photoreal style and its really fun getting all the color and shapes in there.

Lol, nah, your comment made it thru. Just takes me awhile to filter thru them. I had to set it to moderate mode to prevent the spam:) Thank you so much though, really means a lot!

Axio! As always thank you so much for your comments:) Wonderful! Thats what I was hoping for, that you could hear the birds, the insects and his herd off in the distance. Maybe he is a lone male, searching for others of his kind.

I've wondered that as well. I'll bet we have little idea as to the variation of the display features some of these animals had. And color. The possibilities are endless. They must have been beautiful!

I have an Iguanodon painting coming up next. Its getting there and I'm pretty happy with it so far:) I'll post it as soon as I finish it.

Many thanks again guys!


Dean said...

I do believe you are the greatest living paleoartist. Your use of color and form is unrivaled...

The only way it could get better is if there were a few more sauropod floating around!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Dean- That is such a wonderful comment. Thank you. You have made my day!

I have finished another painting, but its of Iguanodons:) I have some ceratopsids I'm working on now, but you've convinced me to tackle some sauropods. Keep watch for them and I would value your opinions.

Again, thank you so much for such a compliment!

Best to you- Angie