Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fly Away - Iguanodons


Boy, I've neglected this blog to long. But I'm back to share a new painting with everyone who might be interested.

I've painted a scene of a couple of Iguanodon watching the bird Iberomesornis take flight from their forest home. I've aimed for a tranquil scene, something very ordinary yet beautiful in its own way.

I very much enjoyed painting this one. I feel I'm getting more comfortable with my style...very loose and abstract, but realistic in a way.

I'm busy working on a lone Styracosaurus, although that can always change. And I'm sketching more ideas for future work.

As always if you would like a print or canvas print of the painting I put them up on my Fine Art America site. Thank you to those of you who have purchased them and I truly hope you enjoy the pictures.

Here is the link to the painting:

Fly Away

Best to you- Angie


Evan Boucher said...

Another fantastic piece. I absolutely love the atmosphere you get in these. Keep up the good work Angie! :)

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you Evan :) I really appreciate your compliment on my painting.

Best to you - Angie

axiomalchemy said...

Truly, I have never seen such a lovely image of possibly the most under appreciated and overlooked Dinosaurs for nearly 100 years. Far too many images of this creature are so drab, mundane, & downright dreary. It seems almost instinctual for most artists to reach for their grey brown pigments when depicting them.
I have always mused about the wrist spurs, & what possibly would they have been used for. Like most children growing before the new Dinosaur renassiance of the 80's I read they were used for defense. But now I tend to think of them as functional adornments.
I imagine them gouging great furrows in the bark of certain trees to produce sugar rich resins during the dry season. And during courtship I imagine Iguanadon drakes following behind the does and running their wrist spurs along the doe's inner ankles while resting their heads upon the base of the doe's tail in order to entice a coupling from their relunctant partners.
I would like to know your theories. As I'm certain we all do.
Oh, I purchased Dinotasia on iTunes and hope that the full D. R. is eventually released because it seems that far too much was left out.
Enjoy your holiday season. And thank you once again for the splendid art.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Axio you always leave me with a warm heart:) Your comments are always so heartfelt and so nice. Thank yo so much.

I'm glad you like the picture so much and the colors. I do like painting some of these more neglected dinosaurs and try to show how beautiful they most certainly were.

I agree with you on the thumb spike. It could have been used for foraging, digging out sap or for courtship. In DR they had them pulling down fruit and tearing it open with their spikes:) It was cut, unfortunately, from the show though.

I've seen Dinotasia and it was much, much better than DR. They were going so hard for a silent movie for entertainment purposes and it succeeded better with Dinotasia. Anyway, I think DR is supposed to air in the UK soon (I can't remember if thats where you are from so forgive me if wrong). Its a hard show to come by and I don't think it was released on DVD.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season as well! And thank you once again for such an uplifting compliment on my work:)

I have a Styracosaurus next and then some Lambeosaurus and perhaps a Tenontosaurus (with not a deinonychus in sight;)

Best to you - Angie