Sunday, February 27, 2011

One more update

Thought I would finish up tonight with one more update on this guy. I've been sculpting the rear muscles on the legs and such, adjusted the frill to look interesting and did more minor tweaks.

I still have some more to go on the base model before I start all the cool stuff. Anyway, why am I always sculpting hadrosaurs? LOL! I guess because they are the best dinosaurs;)

Have a good night


axiomalchemy said...

Your Olorotitan is simply "Titanic. Have you read about the new Hadrosaur from Mexico? It's named Velafrons Coahuilensis and it sported a crest somewhere between a Lambeosaur and a Hypacrosaur. Your model looks really good. I've seen tracks left by Hadrosaurs and the front paws are cantered out slightly. I do remember the classic pose with the front paws tucked in. GAWD! those were the days. But hey! I still have a fondness for the classic illustrations. It was Rod Ruth's painting of "Trachodons" from Album of Dinosaurs that began my fascination with Hadrosaurs.
When I envision them they are gawdy, with red,yellow,or blue heads. Wattles, dewlaps, and snoods. And crests bright enough to look neon. I've seen some crests that appeared to have been vascularized so why not even a casque as with a Hornbill, or Cassowary? Ooh, the possibilities.
Anyway, great job. Any chance of a future figure in the 1:40 scale?

Linda said...

Amazing work, and how satisfying to see your creations leap into life. Linda:)