Monday, February 21, 2011

Color Design

While I've been on the project "Reign of the Dinosaurs" I've had the opportunity to create a lot of color designs and found that I really love painting interesting patterns for dinosaurs.

This is something I've done for a dinosaur I am making for my own portfolio (its not for Reign). I love hadrosaurs and have chosen the beautiful species Orolotitan to model and paint.

I went with some nice color pattern to accent the head, possibly this is a male and his colors are meant for display purposes. He also has a piebald spotted pattern for the rest of him. Something I've noticed lacking in a lot of dinosaur design is spotted and piebald patterning. Many people like to use vertical stripes on their dinosaurs so I figured this would be a unique take on dinosaur color.

I'll be trying to model this guy and paint him soon:) Enjoy!


ScottE said...

Oh, I love this. Very nicely done.

Traumador said...

Good to have you back online!

Can't wait to see Reign. You'll have to provide some behind the scenes commentary when it comes out ;)

Did you work for Pixar or just for the production company?

Love this titans colour scheme.

Just FYI based on the current poll outcome, Hadrosaurs are going to be the next ART Evolved gallery. We thought you of all people would be pretty jazzed about this.

axiomalchemy said...

Awesome image. You work on dinosaurs all day and in your spare time. You are my kind of gal.
Like the direction you're going with the pattern. If people really believe that dinosaurs are birds why the mammal designs and colors?
I think they would be outright garish, especially in the mating season. Hope to see a bit of this on RotD.
On that subject. I happened on Jurassic Fight Club on cable the other night. Please let RotD be better than that. Please ask the animators no "Harryhausing" of the dinosaurs. You mentioned a possible model of your Olorotitan, any chance of a series say in the 1:40 scale range? I would love to start a Hadrosaur collection from you. Do keep up the wonderful work.

David Orr said...

Awesome! Great take on this rarely restored duckbill.

Dan said...

I like it - remind me of Jackson Pollock.

Anonymous said...

what happend to the blog ?? Why are all images dissapearing??

Angie Rodrigues said...

;) Sorry about that :-D I was cleaning up my site this weekend and started removing my older models I felt were inferior to my current work. I tend to clean house every once in awhile so its only my best stuff that is shown to help me with jobs.

I send people here to look at the models so only wanted the better stuff up.

If you had one you wanted to see that I removed I could try and find it for you, I'm not sure I have it saved on this laptop though. Thanks for writing me:)

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you everyone for all your nice comments, it really means a lot coming from all of you.

And if Hadrosaurs are next up on told the right gal;) I'll have to send you the stuff I have.

I agree with the mammal coloration always being on dinosaurs. I think that there must have been such a beautiful array of colors and patterns. I'm sure the dinosaur world was much more than grey and brown.

As I have more time I'd like to start up the real figures again, hopefully soon:)

Thanks again everyone for your comments. I really appreciate it!!!

Take care guys and have a great weekend...

Anonymous said...

Looks very beautiful.
may you create a Ouranosaurus someday ?? It's a Hadrosaur and a very bizzare one.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thanks! Yes, I would love to sculpt an Ouranosaurus, A very beautiful animal and it would be fun to create a color key for one;)

Maybe after I sculpt this Olorotitan:) Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

i really hope that in rotd you get the chance to texture/create many many dinosaurs, cause they look so awsome if you make them.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Many thanks, I'm glad you like the design:) I love interesting and unique color patterns for dinosaurs and I've developed a love of designing them since working on RotD.

I am lucky enough that I got to paint a lot of dinos and model and design them too. I hope you like them when you get to see the show;) Thank you so much for your compliments!

Anonymous said...


but, can you tell us when the show starts to air ?? or atleast what quarter of the year ??

Angie Rodrigues said...


I would have to ask someone at work. I doubt I can tell you when RotD will air, I'm not even sure, LOL! Have faith everyone is working hard on it. Hopefully it will be worth the wait;)