Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lots a Spots...Olorotitan update

It's a lotta spots to paint, but that's cool. Spotted dinosaurs are fun!

I'm another day into painting him and already thinking about a pattern for the Parasaurolophus and Lambeosaurus I plan on sculpting next.

I also want to do something that is not a dinosaur. I do love the Gorgonopsids. Maybe I will try one of those at some point.

Anyway, another update showing this Olorotitan's progress. More soon:)


Andrey Atuchin said...

Great model and beautiful coloring, Angie! The fact is I know this species very close, I worked with original bones. New monograph on this species coming soon. It contains new reconstruction of the skull, crest and whole the skeleton.

All the best!

axiomalchemy said...

Your Olorotitan Drake is certainly impressive. How would you envision a Olorotitan Doe? Would she be drab like a duck or peahen, or the same color like a albatross or grebe?
Do you see drakes competing with one another for a harem, or do you see them displaying as the does coyly feign disinterest, looking for the one with the display she likes best.

axiomalchemy said...

I've also noticed that you have removed the hooves from the front paws. The tracks I've seen do not show any discernible marks that appear to be hooves. But Iguanadons did, as did some other species of Hadrosaurids. I'm sure we're all curious to see what your final vision will be. Whichever you choose, we all anxiously await your next move.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thanks Andrey! How awesome you got to see this animals real skeleton! I hope I've done him justice:) I look forward to seeing what new info you have on this dinosaur and hope you put it up on your blog, I love your art.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you again for your comments:) I'm glad you are liking him so far:)

I usually make the females more dull in color, but they need not be plain. I give them sometimes even more complicated patterns than the males and just reserve the bright colors for the males.

For some reason I always see the drakes competing for a harem of females. I'm not sure why, lol. I envision them like Elk. Displaying to other males, fighting with eachother, etc.

The winner becomes a dominant male that could hold rights to the females as long as he is able. They would defend their herd from other rouge males as well as predators.

Not sure if its right though:) Yeah, I went and removed the hooves from the front paws. Enough people questioned it in that Hadrosaurs did not have claws (hooves) so I decided to take them out. The rest (frills and such) is just plain artistic license:)

I'm glad you look forward to the finish! Thank you for sticking around to see him and look forward to your comments on the final:)

Best, Angie

Anonymous said...

Peanut gallery chiming in:

The body is really strongly patterned. But the head is so subtle, it's having a hard time competing. I suggest including some bold mark on the head to balance the coloration out.
Obviously, this comment is purely an aesthetic choice, not one guided by natural selection. Or good taste, necessarily :)

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you! I always welcome peanut galleries, lol!

I'll look at giving something more to the face to help it out and tie it together. Hopefully I can work on it more this weekend.

Thank you again:)

axiomalchemy said...

I just had to share this with you.
Today, in the Apple Store in Palm Desert, CA. while waiting for my white iPhone I happened to pick up a random display iPhone and when I logged onto Safari what should I see but none other than YOUR BLOG!
Is that a just a hoot? You're big girl. I'm talking Shantungosaur big.
Alas, there was no one there. I was ever so curious to learn just who was checking your blog so I could have perhaps shared a moment of unabashed heroine worship. We could shared our mutual admiration of all things Hadrosaur and the incredibly talented, intelligent, witty, devoted, and ever so charming artist who's blog it is.
When the Mac slave brought my phone I was already geeked up and now receiving my white iPhone seemed "Anticlimactic".
I suppose I will have to wait for the first annual HADRO-CON to experience what I felt at the Apple Store. Until then my zeal level is at an uneventful 1 out of 10.
Now where did I leave that phone?

Sverige said...

Your page is so fantastic! You sure do know how to keep your audience entertained. I’m so glad that I took the time to look at this blog, because let me tell you. Not a lot of people know how to balance knowledge of a subject and content. The videos are perfect! .

Anonymous said...

Wow I love how this looks! Sorta random to just chime in like this but I was wondering if you would mind going over your coloring technique in Zbrush. I am coloring a t-rex model currently and am having a hard time getting it to look as organic as you have. Any tips for a novice such as myself?

Angie Rodrigues said...

Axio! Wow! When I read your post I was so amazed at that! LOL! How cool is that?!?! You really made my day for sure! It does me good to know people enjoy the dinosaurs on here, it makes me want to keep trying to make them better and better. Thank you SO much for telling me:)))) I always look forward to seeing your comments:)

Sverige- thank you for such a nice compliment:) I am glad you are enjoying the blog and the dinosaurs:)

Anon- Thank you! Sure, I can do a short tutorial on how I paint the dinosaurs. Bear with me on it, but I plan to start painting a Lambeosaurus after the Oloro...so I will take some screen caps and try to explain how I go about it. Many thanks again for taking the time to comment:)

Thanks again everyone, sorry it takes me some time to get back. Work is keeping me busy so I had to put my stuff aside for a bit, but I always love hearing from everyone;)