Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reign of the Dinosaurs clip

The production comany I worked for on Reign posted some clips of the dinosaurs on their show reel. They want everyone to see it and go crazy:) So go see the dinosaurs! You get 3 of them to drool over;) Its on the show reel under "our stuff" about half way thru. Enjoy! http://www.creatvdiff.com/


axiomalchemy said...

Thank you very much for the sneak peek. It certainly looks impressive, but I thought I saw a little Harryhausing in the opening scene.
I did like the front legs of the sauropod. It's about time someone did not make them look like sausages. When it does air will you share with us any contributions you made to the finished product. I would like to see if I can find a scene with your stamp on it. Perhaps some Hadrosaurs languidly gliding through a field of flowers?

Angie Rodrigues said...

;) No prob, I'm glad they put something out there for everyone to enjoy.

Although its only a few seconds, so you can't really get a sense of the whole picture. And unfortunately I can't give any hints to it. :(

I am so partial to the dinosaurs, lol! I want the best for them:)

Yeah, I like the sauropod to! No sausage legs!

Yep, when it finally airs I'll have all my work on my webpage to show my VFX abilities. Plus I'm really proud of them anyway:)

You can try and find them:-D I'll see if people can guess;) HA! If I had to make my own dino show there would be hadrosaurs everywhere! I just love the things;)

Once I have a break from work I'm finishing up my Olorotitan and have some color ideas I want to try out on some other hadrosaurs. Then I should probably actually do something else. The stegs are probably my second favorite group so I'll try them;)

Thanks again for all your comments!

axiomalchemy said...

I was wondering if DISCOVERY Channel may decide to keep you on for perhaps another installment of RotD, just as they did with WWD? You may find your personal projects on hold for a bit longer. In the meantime, what are the chances of producing a series of Hadrosaur figures in the 1/40 scale? I would love to begin a collection of your models.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Hi again!

I would LOVE if there were to be another installment of RotD. I don't work for Discovery though , it was the production company. I'm sure if RotD did well and Discovery ordered another helping I would be back making dinosaurs:) At least I hope so!

I would love nothing more! More dinosaurs! I guess we'll have to see. I'm holding my breath:)

I do plan to do more figures. I'm not sure how the 1/40th scale would do with online printing (cost wise), but I'm game to try.

I plan to make a bunch soon as I have the time. Plus my skill level has increased from being on RotD so I would like to get the new stuff out there for everyone.

Thank you for always being so supportive! Its wonderful to hear from you:)

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I can't wait to see it! Is there any official release date yet? I've found one page that says July 2011, but I don't know if if it's true or not.

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thank you!
Its hard to know when it will be released. Things are always changing and the target date has changed many times;)
July may be a bit hopeful, but you never know. So there is no official date that I know of, just a general aim of somewhere around that time or after;) Hopefully as it gets closer to being finished they'll be able to gauge it better.
The best way to guess is when you start seeing more and more released or commercials on TV, then we're close:)