Monday, April 12, 2010

New Shapeways dinos!

Well, I got around to completing a bunch of new dinosaurs in Lightwave. I've already uploaded a cool looking Gryposaurus at my Shapeways shop and more will be on their way within the next week or so. The models are built, I just need to pose them which can take awhile.

Anyway, Gryposaurus for now. Soon I'll have a Corythosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Maiasaura, Saurolophus and others available. Then I'll move on to making some Stegosaurs.

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Traumador said...

your the queen of hadrosaurs now :P

i've had two people contact me about joining shapeways, and putting my burgess shale stuff up. is the conversion of a model to their format easy? (i'm lazy and clearly haven't looked).

can't wait to see your stegosaurs!

Angie Rodrigues said...

HAHA! Well, I do love hadrosaurs and its good to be queen of something!

Sure, you should try Shapeways. It doesn't cost anything to join or upload models. I wish it were a little cheaper, but I think it will get there eventually.

Anyway, I convert the models via "AccuTrans 3D" and convert it to a Collada file. You have to make the mesh watertight (which you can check for in Accutrans) and Shapeways now has "Mesh Medic" that apparently automatically repairs a model when you load it.

Thanks! I'll be sure and post the rest of the hadrosaurs and then the stegs when I get done with them:)

Enrique said...

Im super impressed