Monday, April 6, 2009

New wildlife and Paleoart


So I've been busy with trying to get some more wildlife work done and attempting to perfect my colorful, expressive style:) I still have a ways to go, but am happy painting with all those colors.

I'm trying to get ready for this summers county fairs and an art and craft show I am trying to get juried into that will be over in San Francisco this summer. So I am painting a lot and also started some new felted pieces.

So I have a new wolf painting and a coyote portrait. I may still paint some "details" into these paintings, but for now I have them pretty good. A kaleidoscope of colors to make the painting fun and pop off the wall! I also changed some in the "Lobo" painting as I wasn't happy with it, just added more colors, etc.

Anyway, I also finished up the Hadrosaur painting I had been neglecting. Two Brachylophosaurus find their way to the top of a hill overlooking what must be a beautiful prehistoric landscape. This is the same dinosaur as "Leonardo", the famed dinosaur mummy.

I also have adjusted some things to my Styracosaurus painting that I felt needed to be done. After reading about them on Nima's fantastic blog I decided I could do a little better with the frills, etc. Nothing big, but I like it better now. For anyone interested in Paleoart I highly recommend Nima's blog! It looks like it will be a goldmine of information, plus some great artwork to boot:-)

So, I have got some bear paintings coming up and some new paleoart as well. I'll also put up my new felted pieces when they are further along.

Take care:-)

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