Thursday, March 5, 2009

New work

A couple of new paintings to show.

I finished a new group of wolves called "3 of a kind". I really love painting all those colors and shapes. One of my favorite artists is John Nieto and his bold and colorfully painted animals inspire me.

Another painting of ceratopsids running through flowers. This time it is of two Styracosaurus galloping through a field of spring wildflowers for fun.


Zach said...

I sense the styracosaurs are modified chasmosaurs! Still wonderful, though. I like the patterning on the frill a lot!

ScottE said...

Styracosaurus are great; they also appear to have weight, as a galloping ceratopsid must have.

Well done!

Angie Rodrigues said...

Thanks guys for your comments:)

Hi Zach, yeah they pretty much are another version of the Chasmosaurus painting:) I actually did this one for the next PT issue and I liked the way the Chasmo painting turned out so kind of re-did it with these guys:) Glad you like it!

Thank you Scott:) I did my best to make them appear heavy and "rhino-like" as I could, thanks for letting me know I got it:)

Nima said...

I REALLY like your Styracosaurs.

Good color scheme, like the eyespots, and the surreal sea of flowers is totally breathtaking!

I hope to see more amazing work like this in the future.

Angie Rodrigues said...

thank you Nima:) I just looked at your site and your work is gorgeous!!!

I will be following your work and hope to see some new drawings and some paintings from you soon.

Again, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my work:)