Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Fox

Still doing a lot of foxes, trying to learn a lot about how to paint them. I've got the fox painting system down alright. Its a matter of painting pure oranges, reds and yellows with accents of purples and other colors.
Not as easy as you would think though. I've got a good start on him. I need to fine tune his face and paint his eyes and then move into the legs and tail end. The background is loosely painted for now. It will remain loose in the end as I don't strive for photorealism, but I will try and paint a lot more into it.

This is the biggest painting I've done at 18"x24". It is painted on Gessobord 2" Deep cradle. No need for framing this one, which is good because frames are expensive. So this fox will hold his own on a wall, without need for any framing.

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